Eshop development

Why restrict your sales to local community that your store is based! The development of your company’s eshop is our job. Do it fast and economically and extended your sales worldwide

The design and development of an Eshop follows exactly the same rules as website development. The CMS that we use is WordPress and the ecommerce platform, Woocommerce. The implementation of the systems can be divided into the following two categories:

ESHOP development based on a theme.

The customer, with our guidance buys from a supplier a template that suits his needs. We develop eshop by using only the template features either concern the visual aspect of the presentation or functionality. This way of development is recommended for the following cases:

  • Small shop.
  • Limited management capabilities.
  • Lack of integrated logistics systems.
  • Low budget.

Fully customized ESHOP development.

In this case there is a detailed record of customer needs and eshop has exclusive graphic approach and tailored functionalities. This way of development is recommended for the following cases:

  • Medium/large shop.
  • Extensive management capabilities.
  • Existence of integrated logistics systems.
  • Existence of IT staff.


Development plans


  • Theme based
  • Theme graphics
  • Theme options
  • Theme posts
  • Basic training
  • SEO Initialization
  • Theme creation
  • Graphical approach
  • Options development
  • Blogging development
  • Basic training
  • SEO Initialization
  • Theme based
  • Unlimited products
  • 10 filters
  • 2 shipment methodsς
  • 3 payment methods
  • SEO Initialization
  • Theme development
  • Unlimited products
  • 20 filters
  • 3 shipment methodsς
  • 4 payment methods
  • SEO Initialization
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