Joomla’s goodies are awesome

As a big wordpress fun i want to apologize to myself for this article but its true that Joomla’s goodies are awesome and i have to write something for them.

Having started web development with Joomla and and leading to develop exclusively with WordPress i appreciated some very important functionalities that Joomla provides you in core out of the box.


I will just give you quite simply my experience. The first thing I learned to do in Joomla was make a website multilingual. I have accomplished my target in just a few really simple steps. I will not write any technical details as there are many articles regarding this on internet. If you want you can read here more details.

The most important is that multilingual is Joomla’s CMS “Core functionality“.

So when i installed my first WordPress an i tried to setup my multilingual functionality there was a surprise waiting for me.

Actually i was knocking the door for sometime but no one was inside.

With my very great surprise I found that WordPress does not provide multilingual functionality in the core, but you should add a commercial Plugin to get the job done. One of the most famous is WPML.

2. Caching

On of the most efficient ways to speed up your website is a caching system.

What is caching? With just a few words and without technical details, it minimizes the requests to the server so that when a visitor requests a webpage, it downloads just a “concentrated” html that contains only the essentials. You can read more here.

In this case i went slightly backwards. I first developed a caching system on WordPress by installing wp-rocket commercial plugin. We will talk about this in some other article in the future. The result was much better than other free plugins that mainly have security and compatibility issues.

So when i tries to do the same on a Joomla installation i saw that i was 3 steps away from achieving my goal. And yes tha was also a part of Joomla’s core functionality. Of course it wasn’t providing all these capabilities as wp-rocket. The thing here is that in my opinion wordpress should provide also a basic caching system as core functionality.

3. User login/registration

The third one is last but not least. Registration and login forms on front end. WordPress does something “ridiculous”. The available wordpress registration and login links redirect to the backend. Ok, with 2-3 lines of code or a plugin we can override this. But this should definitely be a core functionality of wordpress as it is for Joomla.

Joomla’s goodies are awesome indeed!

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