If you need SEO you will do anything, or don’t do it at all

If you need SEO you will do anything, or don’t do it at all. If you get your internet presence seriously then there is only one way to succeed. To build your webpage and its content in a friendly for search engines way.
The reason is obvious. You want internet users to find you. When internet took its first steps it was very easy. Search engines like Google had just appeared. Their bot crawlers weren’t very complex because there wasn’t a reason to be. Webpages were just few compared with our times. So you just entered some meta keywords and descriptions and you did the job. Now that internet is “infinite” and webpages countless, search engines algorithms have become very clever and complex. As result a new “science” came up, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.


The first approach to SEO it should be done during webpage building, τηε content and how it is presented to the user. Below we will just glean the most important factors that you have to implement correctly so they can satisfy search engines algorithms and give you a high SEO score. This will be simply a basis for success because On page SEO it consists only 20% of total optimization to be done on the site.


If you have something to say you will expect a high SEO Score.



We will start with the most important. The king of SEO. This is the page content and specifically the page content that exists on each page that resulting from urls that search engines robot crawlers have indexed. A basic rule is that the text should not contain fewer than 300 words.


Website code should follow some rules. HTML heading tags and alt tags for images are some of the elements that should not be missing. You can read some of these rules at World Wide Web Consortium.


Sitemaps are necessary so search engine robots can index all your site’s urls correctly. There are many tools out there that can create for us a sitemap and keep it updated as its content is dynamic.


Our page internal connectivity is particularly important for search engine optimization and success. All our articles should be written in such a way that with a natural flow can drive, via links, to other parts of our page.


At this point we need to clarify that we don’t refer to meta keywords as search engines have stopped for some time to deal with them. What does Google say about it? So we refer to words that are related with our webpage or article subject and at what point and in what way should be inserted into the content.


It is very important to watch the competition. Quite simply, surf a bit to those who come out on top of organic results of google and learn from them. The only certainty is that they have a lot of content and a highly rigged website. So apply the same tactics.


If you share your articles in social media you may see your website traffic increasing dramatically. Here goes 100% that “if you have something to say you will expect a high SEO Score” because the more your webpage traffic grows the more search engines like you. One small secret is that you have to share your posts also to social media that you might have never heard for.


One of the factors that have been added in recent years in SEO is the site loading speed. In short, if you make a website fly as a rocket then search engines will reward the best.


The percentage of users who surf the Internet from mobile devices is now huge. So it was expected that if a page adapted to mobile so that the user can navigate with ease, it has the appropriate credits in SEO. What does Google say about it?


Here we should point out something very important. SEO is marketing. The greater presence and traffic has the url of your site through other pages that have very high authority , the greater will be your SEO score. Especially if these pages have relevant content with your own site. If the previous part of “On page SEO” were flawless, you need to remember that you go only 20% of the total path to success. The remaining 80% requires a lot of effort and is waiting below.


Increase your page traffic, but don’t forget… SEO is marketing.



The most important in this part is the quality back links to your site from other pages. These links can be of three types. “One way backlinks” in which just one page leads to another, “Both ways backlinks”, where links are echanged between pages and the “Triangular backlinks”, where there is indirect return connection via a third or fourth site on which there is no connection from you.


By following the rule “If you have something to say you will expect a high SEO Score” one very effective way to increase your page traffic and visits via backlins is blogging. If you write a very interesting article and you share it through another blog or social media you will get many visits and finally you will have acchieved what you need. One rule is that you should post at least one article per week.


Every business, at start, should register at every free or paid “yellow pages site” is available. This is an easy way to have some visits from a high authority site. Don’t forget that there are many yellow pages sites that you may ignore their existence exactly as with social media.


Another easy way to promote your website is to publish in an online newspaper either free or paid. You should only make an interesting article about 500 words and then post it. A free press release provider is Free Press Release.


Email marketing is very common nowadays to promote products. It can be used very effectively to increase your website traffic. There are many online newsletter tools that you can use in your campaigns.

All the above is just a gleaning of many factors. If you need your website to have a high SEO score the effort is much higher You will have in mind that id you need to success you will have to do everything at a 100%. Contact us to guide you further..


If you need SEO you will do anything, or don’t do it at all”.


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